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Make Your poster

Which Identifies Your Talent

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join the auditions


Auditions Will Give You And Us An Opportunity To Know You Better And Make You Understand The Characters And List You To The Artist Zone., Where You Can Promote Or Perform The Role Or Character Given To You For The Project

2 : Trial Or Demo Sessions

Which Will Make You To Stabilise Your Mind And Make You Confidant And Will Give You Chance To Show Your Performance In Any Of These Like (a) Voice Over Test (b) Making Or Sending Your Acting Or Introduction Video (c) Preparing To Study The Character Or Modulating The Role Etc.,


It will prepare you to study the concept of PHOTO And Poster Study Where the concerpt or idea poster or photo image will occur

step -4:- camera test

We Make A Show Reel Or Else A Short Film Where You And We Can Finalise Your Skills In Acting In-Front Of Camera Etc..

Step -5 :- make-up test

Makes you comfortable to the character and will suits you the making of the role character and understands the presence of appearance in the movie or film or show or video etc.,

6 :- agreements & shooting

once the agreement is signed and bound is scheduled then everything lists in the dates and you are signed for the project and role of the character for which you have chosen for and will be agreed to play the role and do the needful things and will be attached to the project needs for every day and night till the project is completed and released .,.,