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  • Ours Is A Private Limited And Trade Mark Company Which Stands In The Film Line And It Is Also Named As Film Production House. In Our Film Production House We Will Be Making Films, Serials, Short Films Online Films Etc.., And Also We Will Be Teaching And Training The Artists And Technicians Who Are Very Much Necessary For The Field. Our Companies Simple Out Line Profile Is This So You Can Join Our Company As An Employee Then We Will Train You To Our Departments Which You Are Capable And Make You To Be The Best Performer In Our Field Of Tasks. We Welcome You To Join Our Company And Invite Your Interview Application. Our Companies Job Process & Procedure Are Like (1) Shortlisting Process (2) Online Tests Procedure [For Which Charges Are Applicable] (3) Permanent Monthly Salary Will Be Transferred To Your Saving Bank Account Only After 90 Days (4) First 90 Days Your Monthly Pay Will Be Totally Depends On Your Monthly Closing Which You Submit To The Company (5) Process & Procedures Are Mandatory And The Charges Are Compulsory...? Company Benefits Are Like : (a) Once Your Resume Gets Shortlisted You Have To Clear The Online Tests For Which Charges Are Applicable And Charges Will Be 2.7 % On Your Monthly Salary You Choose (b) After 90 Days That Is 3 Months You Will Be Given And Allotted Salary Account In Company (c) Credit Card Will Be Issued (d) Two Wheeler Loan Will Be Provided From The Company (e) Allowances Will Be Sanctioned (f) Company Benefits Like House Rent Allowance (HRA), Daily Allowance (DA), Travel Allowance (TA), Telephone & Mobile Allowance Etc.., Facilities Will Be Provided To The Employee Under The Recruitment Company Employee Department Of The Company And Many More What Are You Waiting For Fill The Form And Work Hard For The Company And Company Will Look After You For Ever. Enjoy The Benefits And Complete The Companies Targets.
  • If You Choose (1) Online Job Then Your Monthly Pay Is Rs. 18000.00 You Have To Be Online Every Day On Net And On Mobile (2) Home Based Job Your Monthly Pay Is Rs.27000.00 And You Have To Be Very Much Cautioned On The Mobile And Every Call You Get Is Important (3) Regular Job Your Monthly Pay Is Rs. 36000.00 And You Have To Be On Online And Also Each And Every Call And Mail You Receive Is Important (4) Part-Time Job Your Monthly Pay Is Rs. 23,400.00 And You Have To Be Carefully When Work Time Is Allocated To Receive Calls And Mails And They Have To Be Completed On Time ...... The Complete Details Will Be Given When You Are Shortlisted And Complete Your Online Tests For Which Charges Are Applicable [Every Month Pay Depends Only On Your Monthly Closing]

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Note :- After Paying In Bank SMS Your Name To 09392467608 & Mail Bank Paid Copy to And Also in WhatsApp !! As Soon As You Get EntryCode You Will Get Call From AuditionTeam

Welcome to 100% Chance Oriented Film Production House Company

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We Welcome You To Show Your Talent … And Give You 100-% Chance In Our-Upcoming Projects, Under The Terms And Policies Of Our Company

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