Acting Starts With Imitation Ends With Reaction. Act Like A Lion… Behave Like A Legend… Be Like A Star. Acting Is Not Just Coming In-front Of The Camera And Saying A Dialogue With Out Any Fear.

In Our Words Acting Stands In Every Breathe Of A Person Who Live The Character And Role They Have Taken And Giving The Very Best Shot Of His Or Her Life Time.

Acting Never Acts Like Saying A Dialogue, It Comes With The Heart Of Living In The Character And Role Whichever He Or She Is Playing The Character Of Life In Our Real Life Which Is Given By GOD And Ends With Death By Leaving The Body And Sole Remains Constant Which Leads To Move To God.

In The Acting Contest You Have To Do The Following

1. Mime And Movement :- Mime is one of the most ancient forms of theater, in which the actors pantomime a series of stories, concepts, themes, situations, scenes using only their bodies, without speaking. Mime is a vibrant and fun activity for both serious actors and people wanting to have fun with their friends. All you need is your will power and a little direction to achieve. The Most Popular And Well Know Mime Actor Who We Have Watched And Studied And Enjoyed While Watching His Mime And Movement Movies Mr. Charlie Chaplin

2. Feeling :- Feeling Comes And Starts With Eyes Which Feels To Cry, Laugh, Angry, Etc..No dialogue is used to act in each day life and on a bare stage, you may be learned or you may know how to act the behavior of the character and role given or you are playing and not only dancing, tumbling, and stilt-walking, but also how to convey a mood or meaning without words. How to establish communication silently with an audience, using the minimum of movement and feeling; how best immediately and precisely to effect an emotional response—a laugh or, sometimes, a tear. The greatest pantomimists of our day have been able to induce both at once. Charles Chaplin, How do you tell a story without talking or overacting? How do you simply indicate?”

3. Expression :-  In this there are 2 characters one man(Charlie Chaplin) and one lady.

There are a lot of facial expressions. First the expression started with the lady being sad then she collapsed into her arms which shows that she was very sad. The man started with fanning him self with his fan which means that he was hot. After he fanned him self he started to wear  his shoes then he noticed that the women was crying. Then the man went closer to the lady and had an expressions which showed that he did not understand why she was sad. The lady  looked up with a hope less face and said”whats the use of trying” .Then the man’s expression changed to a strong confidence face. The man convinces the lady.So the ladies expression changes to a strong confidence expression like the man. Then they held hands and starts walking. Then the man notices that there was no smile on the ladies face so he makes a smile on his face and makes the lady smile as well.
How are the actors showing the emotions?Comment on body language.Facial expression,posture and gesture

The actors showed their emotions by exaggerating their actions. For example when the lady was sad she did not only make a sad face but she collapsed into her arms which made the audience think that she was very sad. The actors showed their facial expressions by making their expressions more bigger.For example the man made his mouth wide open when he went closer to the women when he was confused.

4. Dialogue :- Dialogue Never Starts With Saying A Written Paragraph Of Sentences And Remembering And Saying In-Front Of Audience Or Stage Or Show Or Camera. In Our Words It Comes With Both Feeling And Expression Which Can’t Be Answered Or Expressed With Out Feeling And Expression. You Have Understand The Situation And Make The Audience Understand By Saying The Actor Or Actress Or Artist.

For Example A Hero Comes And Tells His Love To Heroine In Words It Is Very Simple, Saying I Love You In This Simple Dialogue. A Actor Or Actress Or Artist Has To Thing The Situation And Under The Mood And Expression Of The Co-Star Or Heroine Or Artist And Also Has To React Accordingly.

In Our Words Saying A Dialogue I Love You Is Very Simple But With The Feeling, Expression And Knowing The Surrounding And Circumstances Of The Play Of Actor, Actress, Artist Is Difficult. Every One Can Say This Dialogue But Knowing The Situation And Background And Atmosphere Of The Character And Role They Are Playing In The Stage Or Show Or Movie Or Cinema Or Film Is Very Very Difficult Task.

5. Reading :- Reading Comes With Combination Of Mime, Feel, Express, Modulation ( Dialogue) How You Will Mime The Concept Or Theme Or Scene Or Situation Given To You By Telling And Reading With Mime, Feel, Express And Modulating Them To One Point Of View Of The Audience Who Are Watching You By Seeing This You Can Become A Good News Reader, Anchor, Seminar Taker, Scene Teller, Story Explain-or Etc..,

Reading is the process of constructing meaning from written texts. It is a complex skill requiring the coordination of a number of interrelated sources of information. Reading is the process of constructing meaning through the dynamic interaction among: (1) the reader’s existing knowledge; (2) the information suggested by the text being read; and (3) the context of the reading situation.